AquaGO® REPEL CHEMICAL TREATMENT FOR MOIST SURFACES is a semi-viscous murky white penetrating chemical based on innovative proprietary NANO PARTICLE CT 55/10 HYDROPHOBIC WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY for application to cementitious substrates and bricks under the following conditions.

When free water or moisture is retained on surfaces of aggregate particles and considered to be part of the mixing water in plaster or concrete.

When water is diffused as vapour or condensation on or in cementitious substrates in high humid regions.


  • Excellent depth of penetration by diffusion

  • Durable and effective beading effect

  • Tack-free curing and drying

  • Excellent adhesion for paint

  • Contains no toxic solvents

  • Cures to transparent texture

  • Primers and undercoat


  • Bricks

  • Slasto

  • Paving

  • Sandstone

  • Cement roof tiles

  • Prefabricated walls

  • New and aged plaster surfaces

  • Ideally suitable to permanently seal and protect domestic brickwork


  • Apply by means of household pesticide spray applicator or Agri back-pack for large surfaces.

  • Ensure penetration but avoid damming on the surface.

  • Remove excess liquid immediately with a moist cloth. Application of a second coat must commence within 15 minutes after first coat.

  • Always commence application from the top.

  • Protect non-ferrous and glazed surfaces from overspray.

Surface Prep

Test substrate moisture level (< 20%).

Remove all dust, dirt or any foreign debris.

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