A two component cementitious acrylic waterproofing coating with excellent flexibility for use on concrete and masonry substrates.

It forms a highly flexible coat suitable for use on balconies, concrete dams and wet room applications.

Polycem has long life flexibility and is ideally suited for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions. It is applied by brush, roller or spray and after curing it has excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions.


  • Excellent adhesion

  • Withstands Negative & Positive water pressure

  • Excellent adhesion on damp surfaces & vapours

  • Will not flake, peel or blister

  • CSC 45/10 water repellent technology

  • Highly flexible


  • Concrete roofs

  • Water retaining structures

  • Plaster surfaces

  • Cement roof tiles

  • Retaining walls

  • Basements walls

  • Under tile waterproofing on balconies

  • Showers and bathrooms floors

  • Planter Boxes

  • Concrete Dams

  • Wet rooms


  • Add the powder to the liquid proportionally while continuously agitating by mechanical means to ensure that a homogeneous lump free paste is achieved.

  • Apply at a rate of 0.7 kg to 1kg/m2 (depending on surface porosity) per coat.

  • Do not exceed the recommended usage or cracking may occur.

  • Subsequent coats must be applied in perpendicular direction.

  • Care should be taken to ensure adequate film thickness at corners.

  • Turn-ups should be at least 100mm.

  • Tools and equipment must immediately be cleaned with water.

Surface Prep

Remove all dust, dirt or foreign debris.

Ensure that the surface is moist but avoid damming or ponding.

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