The Cement additive in action!


AQUAGO LIQUID ADDITIVE FOR CEMENT AND CONCRETE is a proprietary hydrophobic transparent liquid chemical additive for plaster cement and concrete based on proprietary CSC 45/10 technology. After full cure of the cement or concrete, water ingress in unable to take place. The product reacts with the cement component on a molecular scale to form a crystalline barrier within the cement, preventing water or moisture to enter the capillary structure. It will extend the life of the substrate and add to the aesthetic appeal.​


  • Economical

  • Ready to use

  • Contains no toxic solvents

  • Impermeable to water or moisture

  • Improved mechanical properties of the cement or concrete

  • Ease of application


  • Plaster surfaces

  • Mortar for Bricks

  • Slasto

  • Mortar for Paving

  • Cementitious grout for Cladding

  • Mortar for roof tile ridging

  • Waterproofing additive for cementitious slurries onridged structures.


  • The additive ratio is based on a dry plaster or concrete ingredient mix comprising 1×50 kg dry cement.

  • Mix the ingredients well. Add 1 litre of AQUAGO CEMENT ADDITIVE to 15 litres potable water and stir well.

  • Add the liquid to the dry ingredients and mix well to obtain a homogeneous paste.

  • Only prepare an adequate mortar mix to be used in 1 (one) hour. After this time the mortar reaction is in advanced state and setting is in progress and should not be used.

  • Do not attempt to extend the working life of the mix by adding water. This will grossly reduce the performance characteristic of the additive and may lead to failure.

Surface Prep

All new toppings or screeds must prepared thoroughly to ensure properly adhesion. Remove laitance, dirt, grease, etc. by means of high-pressure water jetting, wet sandblasting, or wire brushing.

Substrates that have cracks, honeycombing, etc. must first be repaired. If in any doubt contact CSC for guidance.

Surface must be damp (no pooling) prior to applying topping. A key coat using AquaGO® Dual Key of will always ensure proper adhesion.

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The information given in this Technical Data Bulletin is based upon laboratory research, as well as extensive field work and application.

This information is based on AquaGO®’s present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general information on AquaGO®’s products and their methods of use.

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