About us

History and founding of CSC

About us: In 2003 our CEO Anton Fouche started in the construction and waterproofing industry. After extensive maintenance and general waterproofing work, Thermal Dynamix was reborn in 2015 when Anton Fouché recognised the need for innovative solutions in addressing the

myriad waterproofing challenges in the Western Cape.

He recognised that; unique client needs, and a one-size-fits-all mentality was not a match – and that each waterproofing challenge required innovation to provide an appropriate solution. By creating specialist supplier partnerships and through the training of a motivated team, he has grown the business with honesty and integrity to establish a waterproofing specialist company.

To this day, this remains our focus.

Despite the detrimental impact of Covid-19 on the economy generally, and the construction industry specifically, Thermal Dynamix has continued to grow. This can be attributed in its entirety to the total commitment of the organisation to uncompromising integrity, responsibility, accountability, and using pioneering solutions, providing workmanship guarantees in a compliant and sustainable environment.

Over the years his frustration with suppliers and compounds has included financial frustrations, lack of consistency and lack of flexibility.

  • Financial – the price-hikes per year and unexplained high cost
  • Consistency – Stock is not always available and quality variation
  • Flexibility – This is a surprising frustration. For example, there are brilliant 2-part cementitious compounds in the market, however they can cure in the mixing bucket literally between 5 min to 2 hours, depending on the time of the season.  

When we raise the question as to what can be done about it, it boils down to acceptance.  We have total understanding that for the mainstream players, it is difficult and impossible to change formulas but, we needed to find a better answer.

The birth of CSC Builders Mart (Pty) Ltd t/a Contractors Supply Company


To make CSC the industry authority on waterproofing diagnostics, innovative and unique methodologies, and accurate application of cutting-edge products in a statutory compliant and sustainable environment where all stakeholders are recognised and valued.


To identify what the actual source of the waterproofing issues are, is not always that easy. We believe in spending time and investing in the most modern equipment to help identify that which the eyes cannot see. With thousands of inspections behind us, it taught us a thing or two!

Inspections with comprehensive reports can be provided.

Inspection tools include:

  • Total, semi- and non-intrusive moisture tests
  • FLIR hand-held Thermal Imaging
  • Snake cameras
  • Drone inspections with high resolution Thermal Imaging
  • Over 3000 inspections completed.

Together with our Affiliated partnership agreement with PCT Technologies (established in 1984, partnering with us since 6 years ago) holder of AquaGo trademark, there are over 58 years of combined experience between us to provide turn key waterproofing solutions